The theme for Issue 3 is CMD (command)!

Submissions are currently OPEN until January 1st, 2020.

Submit using the form here.

For our January issue, we're welcoming pieces to kick us off into the new year—and, for our American readers, the new presidential term; the inauguration of our next commander-in-chief. Send us your thoughts, your reactions, your digital dreams of what lies ahead.


We are looking for pieces that use digital and electronic mediums as a vessel for creativity, including but not limited to source code poetry, hypertext poetry, interactive fiction, ASCII art, and generative art. We welcome pieces that step out of the box and don't fit into one particular category. To get a feel of what we seek, please take a look at previous issues.

We encourage anyone to submit, even if you are new to electronic literature or do not have experience in programming or creative writing.

Simultaneous submissions, multiple submissions, and re-prints of previously published work are accepted. Please let us know if your work has been submitted or published elsewhere in your submission form and contact us as soon as possible if your work is accepted elsewhere. We would be more than willing to publish your work if we have permission to do so.

Authors retain all rights to their work after publication.


You may submit text files, Word documents, PDFs, Google documents, images, videos, audio files, source code, and/or URLS as part of your submission.

Please include with your submission an author bio, 2-5 sentences long and written in the third person.

Your piece may not include pop-ups or file downloads, and must be displayable or embeddable on a web page. (However, you may include links to other places where we can find your piece.)

While we have no restraints on subject matter, please keep in mind that this magazine will also be read by students and teens.

We do not tolerate submissions promoting racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, antisemitism, Islamophobia, ableism, xenophobia, or otherwise hateful content.

If your submission cannot be sent using the allowed methods on the submission form, please email us at backslashlitmag[at]gmail[dot]com.

Please also refer to the media-specific guildelines for the piece you intend to submit. If no media-specific guidelines apply, you're good to go!
Source Code // Generative Art // Interactive Literature // Video Art

Click here for FAQ, and don't hesitate to reach out to us via email if you have any additional questions.


Source code literature includes poetry and stories written in a programming language and/or using programming syntax.

You may write your code in any language (or combination thereof) or pseudocode. Your submission need not compile (kudos if it does!), though your structure must demonstrate a clear influence of programming syntax, rather than just semicolons or escape sequences scattered here and there.

You may submit your code as a document or screenshot, but you may also attach the link to a GitHub or repository. is great if the output of your code is also part of the submission.


Generative art is artwork that has been created with the use of an autonomous or mathematical system, such as computer-generated art and fractal art. Please share with us the mediums and processes used to create your art or any algorithms that you used; we would love to hear it!


Interactive literature (including hypertext pieces) relies on the reader's interactions with the piece to influence the environment. Readers may use hyperlinks and text commands to interact with the narrative.

Please submit your source code (including all HTML/CSS/JavaScript files) in a Google Drive folder or a GitHub or repository as well as the link to your work.


If you would like to showcase your piece in the format of a video, please keep the length to a maximum of 5 minutes.

We do not require that video submissions include a generative or computing-based component, but we do favor the experimental.


—I live outside of the United States, may I still submit?
Yes! Our magazine is open to contributors all around the world.

—May we submit twine poetry?

—How about collaborative works?
Of course! In that case, feel free to send multiple author bios, one per contributor, or one overall bio for your group.

—May we submit digital art? How about 3D-modeled art?
On its own, no—while digital and 3D-modeled art are computer-based, we are particularly seeking art that challenges the medium in which they are created. However, we'd be happy to review digital or 3D-modeled art that contains a computer-generated or interactive component.

—What if my piece is only compatible with a specific browser?
We are willing to consider pieces that favor one browser over another as long as the piece as a whole is still functional. Just let us know which browsers the piece works (or doesn't work) in, as well as the feature that is affected. We are also willing to consider pieces that are better accessible on desktop than mobile, but unfortunately won't publish mobile-only pieces.

—May we submit [insert any other form that has not been mentioned here]?
When in doubt, just send it in! We will let you know.